Friday 30th March: We’re at 37,000 ft above the Tasman Sea, with 46 minutes until we land in Auckland.

The flights were great, and 3 hours shorter than anticipated, and the 6-hour sleep in a Singapore transit hotel was well worth the 60 quid we paid.

Our itinerary?…. Manchester to Munich, about 2 hours; Munich to Singapore about 12 hours; 13 hour transit in Singapore to rest, and then 8 hour flight from Singapore to Auckland. Singapore airport was lovely and was quite relaxing with a cactus garden, butterfly garden, carp pond, and even a rooftop swimming pool! This is definitely the route for us!

The captain has just announced the final descent into Auckland, and we’re feeling nervous, and also excited. We’re not really sure what to expect of Auckland, but the 20-degree temperate is definitely beckoning us in closer, as we glide downwards towards our destination.

The air stewardesses are asking us to put our trays back, hand in our headphones, and put our devices always, so we’re signing off for now.

L8rs (as the youth say)

Some time later….

We landed, whizzed through customs (it seems our neurotic cleaning of things worked!), we got picked up by the same company who we are renting our car from, and were given an impromptu talk on living the Kiwi dream by a South African! He reckons anyone can be anyone and doing in NZ, you just have to work hard… this was good, inspirational even, but given the glazed over looks on our eyes and pales faces, I don’t think this guy realised how absolutely pooped we were! Anyhow, we eventually got to our temporary new pad, which is lovely – but nonetheless we both promptly cried! Why? Tiredness and we miss you guys! It’s not forever, just for now, but just to let you guys know… we love ya!

Saturday 31st March

I’m writing this a day after we landed, and it’s a glorious morning in Coatesville, where we are just outside Auckland. Everything is looking REALLY green. The light is different down here- BRIGHT, and colours just seem to be emphasised.

We had a fairly good nights sleep, we both woke up in the middle of the night and had toast, looked for possums in the trees (you can see them if you shine a light on them) and stared at the stars- the evening sky is amazing down here, the stars SO clear and SO many of them!

Today, we ventured into the outskirts of Auckland for food. We were a little nervous for two reasons (1) driving without crashing – it went ok…. (2) the price of food — this too was ok… seems that one just needs to be careful when shopping. Food is definitely more expensive than the UK as we had been prewarned, but we just have to learn the Kiwi way of shopping. Looking around, I didn’t see anyone piling their baskets full of food. Instead everyone seems to be checking prices, looking for the cheapest options. Kids even were being taught to look for the cheapest thing, I noticed. Whether this is the way the Kiwis do it, I’m not sure, but I definitely didn’t see trolleys full of TV dinners. More on this one later I’m sure….

Oh, one more thing about last night – THE NOISE in the bush, the chicadas make a real racket, lovely though, hypnotic even – I have a video clip, which I need to work out how to upload onto here. For now: check out my link on facebook here:….!/photo.php?v=10150764876606934&notif_t=like

Righty oh, I’m going to have a wee nap, before my friend Sally, who works at the company I will be working at, and also worked at my old company, has kindly offered to take us out for a road trip (people are SO friendly here by-the-way…. more of that later I’m sure)

FIRST THOUGHTS ON NZ? A big thumbs up from us! (that’s four thumbs…)