You may have noticed that the title of this blog is”Two Hoomans And A Spaniel’, but there has been no mention of The Spaniel, until now! Why? Because The Spaniel has been in Cumbria, the UK, at boot camp with the breeders, Mary and John Robinson – cocker spaniel breeders, and all round lovely people.

Why so? England changed from being a rabies-free to rabies-controlled country, we missed a blood test, and all of our timings went screwy. To explain… animals coming into NZ need to have a battery of blood tests and vaccinations at specific times, if the timings are off- then things get postponed, which is what happened with The Spaniel.

So, we left The Spaniel in the UK, while we came over to NZ. As it turns out, it was probably a good thing as it took a while to get a rental over here. Landlords don’t like dogs -simple. In fact the situation is so bad, that people have to give up their dogs as they cannot find rentals. When you view rentals in Auckland, it can be so competitve that there are 5 or 6 people looking at the property at the same time. If a landlord needs to choose between two people, one of whom has a dog- who is he going to pick? The dog-less person, for sure…

Fortunately, we met a nice bloke when we went to view an apartment, he liked us and told us so (that was nice), and then we dropped in the killer question – we have a dog, can we still have the apartment? He said – yes! Phew, and we relaxed…!

The Spaniel landed in Auckland last Saturday, and is now in quarantine at aptly named Pethaven outside of Auckland. Mrs. E goes to collect her on Monday, and we can’t wait!

Pethaven have been lovely and considerate, they obviously know a lot of people are crazee about their pets, as we are over The Spaniel. To reassure us all is well, they sent us these pics:

1. Belly rub (it’s tough here…)







2. Yeeehaw!








3. Arf ( you have to know The Spaniel to hear the howl she is doing here)







4. Aaaaahhh….







5. Yup, it’s thirsty work!








It’ll be great having The Spaniel back, she’ll feature heavily in the posts from this point on. I expect, she may be a little cross with us when we pick her up, but she’ll get over it…!

More spaniel-tastic posts to follow!