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We could have been in a street market anywhere, Seoul, Bangkok, Munich, Kyoto, even Rome! Imagine… street vendors everywhere – sizzling hot riddles, flame-throwing barbecues, steaming woks, a eclectic mix of food smells hitting the back of your throat…
If you were transported here out of the nowhere, you would immediately recognise things were “same same but different”, as the Thai’s say. The honky tonk band blasting country and western music from one corner, the wide range of Kiwi, Chinese, Thai, Indian, English, Eastern European, and  Japanese accents reverberating in the air, even add in a sensory overload of colourful stands and food types.

Where were we? In an underground car park in Auckland’s North Shore – pardon? Yup, in a car park underneath Westfield Shopping Centre in Glenfield on The North Shore, at Auckland’s weekly night market.
We starved ourselves especially, expectantly hoping for some good food. Our landlord told us the food was as cheaps as chips (chups if you’re a kiwi, right?), and the finest quality. He was right. We had chicken satay, Thai curry, octopus, crab, some Japanese ball- like things (see pics above), and a tart! The food was VERY cheap – 5 dollars for a green Thai curry, £2.50 (ish) for you poms out there… Amazing value, particularly for Auckland.
The place was busy when we arrived, but very quickly became jam-packed and bustling with people. It kind of reminded me of a street market in Thailand, but with some Auckland class chipped in to refine it somewhat.
I’m not a great foodie, and don’t know half the foods being sold, but have a look at the pics above and let me know what you think.
Again, Auckland, thank you – you’re a fine city, full of many pleasant surprises.
See you next week? Mine’s an octopus kebab please…