On our way to Nelson, we dropped by Pelorus Bridge. The kind people at the i-Site information centre in Picton told us that part of The Hobbit film had been filmed there. Now, I am not a Toilkien geek-oid (much – although, unlike some I have read the book) but when the people at the i-Site information centre told us this, I became possessed – I MUST get a photo of me at Pelorus Bridge. Because?… because we could, because we were passing by, so why not?

Apparently Peter Jackson and his possy filmed a scene involving Bilbo Baggins and the dwarves plunging down the river in barrels in a perilous journey. Mrs. E dutifully took photos of me by Pelorus Bridge, we saw no hobbits (although I could have been mistaken as one), and I imagine our photos do not resemble the footage in the scene, as it was absolutely pouring it down with rain. We did, however, see a Weka, and for that reason only, we were content.

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