The other day we ventured to Devonport. We meandered around the cafes and shops and as we walked to the end of the high street, Mrs.E suggested, ‘lets go up there’, pointing to a road which rose up towards a grassy slope. That grassy slope turned out to be the huge grassy cone, which is Mt. Victoria, (known to the Māori as Takarunga) and is the highest volcano on Auckland’s North Shore, sitting proud at 87 metres.

Named after Queen Victoria, the hill gives panoramic views of Auckland’s Waitemata Harbour and the inner Hauraki Gulf. We sat on a bench, and took in the views towards Auckland’s CBD, The Spaniel ran around like a nutcase chasing lots of smells, the warm wind caressed our faces, and all was good with the world. Mrs.E and The Spaniel stopped a short distance later to admire a better view of the city… The Spaniel partook of the view too.

Only in Auckland could you stumble across, and climb, a volcano.