It’s Saturday afternoon, and it has been a glorious today. Warm sea breezes and temperatures of 21 degrees or so, have accompanied us all day. We went to a comedy show last night, and we are off to another gig tonight (more to follow in another post), so today is all about the R & R. And that is exactly what’s we have done, R.E.L.A.X.E.D…

The day started with coffee and a natter with our landlord on the decking outside our flat, followed by a munch on The NZ Herald (our local rag) and Natalie Merchant warbling in the background. The Spaniel and I had a walk to the beach, but given it’s a 1-minute walk away, I spoiled her, and we walked along the beach too… (lucky dog). I wore my shorts for the first time since last autumn, treating the locals to my bleach-white legs, and had a paddle in the sea.

And that is all. We’re just relaxed, and all is good.

Two Hoomans And The Spaniel