When you’re a long way from home, and it’s your birthday, it could be a tough thing. When your a long way from home, you’re away from family and friends who you’ve known for a long time, AND you’re entering your 5th decade of life  (it’s a BIG birthday – I’ll let you work out which one), that too could be a tough thing. And it was, actually it wasn’t. Why? Because all you fabulous friends and family sent me cards, presents and lovely kind messages via Facebook or iMessage. The cards sent from the UK were particularly valued. I’m not sure I fully appreciated cards before, but when someone has taken the time to find a card, write a lovely message, and then you receive it in the post, it means an awful lot – so thank you. The truly wonderful Mrs. E did lots of marvellous things to make it special (love you)- as did our new friends (thanks folks) – all-in-all it was a wonderful day.

I won’t go on as I will get all mushy, but I love you all, and consider myself fortunate to have you in my life… (ok, just a little bit of mush).

My present to you is not indecently exposing myself in the Thank You picture below. My wet suit is a bit tight in the nether regions, so I’ve placed a subtle nether region cover-upper (my new boogie board – James and Fi, fancy some surf action when you come over?). The Spaniel is not so subtle, and is quite happy showing off her butt again… (hmph).

Thank You All