Before we came to New Zealand, a friend (hey, Kerry) mentioned that the change from Winter to Spring seems as if someone flicks a switch – it’s Winter one day and then it’s Spring the next.

And today it seemed as if just that happened. It’s as if God said, “‘Tis summer”, and he flicked the Winter to Summer switch (you know, that big switch in the sky?), and it changed from being cold-ish (from a Kiwi perspective, mild from a Brit perspective) to flippin’ hot. Note, I said Winter to Summer, because although Spring has only officially just started, today was like a VERY hot summer’s day, it was HOT, HOT, HOT! Even better, and surely this wasn’t just a coincidence… we changed to daylight saving time, so it got darker an hour later (7:30pm ish). So today has felt like a glorious summer’s day.

Today, I wore my shorts and blessed Auckland with the sight of my white legs, put on four separate splashes of sun block (the sun is STRONG here – holey in the ozoney), wore a straw hat, and nearly had a swim in the sea (it was a paddle this time). This Brit was like a pig in mud. We don’t have weather this good in the UK, and today it was absolutely glorious. It was SO good, that Mrs. E, myself, and The Spaniel topped off the day with evening supper at the beach.

Yup, we’re blessed, and grateful. Pic’s below folks…

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