I’ve been angling for a good hook for this post. I tried a few… Fishy Goings on in Auckland…  but failed miserably. Oh, hang on, I got one without even thinking of it, “Angling for a good hook…”. Nice work Mr.

OK, so what’s all this talk about fish and hooks and angling about? Well, the other week, Mrs. E and I left The Spaniel behind and popped into Auckland to do some Christmas shopping and chill out in our Big Little City. While Mrs. E read a book and chilled out in a care, I went for a tootle down to the Fish Market down by the harbour in the Wynyard Quarter. Quite a few people had mentioned that it was an Auckland Must Do attraction so I went for a nosey, expecting  a big warehouse full of fish (funnily enough), sweaty fisherman, and chaos as fish auctions were carried out….

WRONG… this place was quite swish, VERY fish swish in fact. The Fish Market building contained  a boutique food market, restaurants, licensed cafes, a virtual wine tasting encounter and the popular Auckland Seafood School. The fish stalls themselves contained a whole host of fishy things. The fish heads were a bit grim, and the baby cuttle fish and octopi where VERY cute. In the end I bought a lovely tuna steak for our evening supper. It wasn’t cheap… but it was very tasty. I also had a nosey round the harbour and had a look at some of the HUGE boats around.

Family, friends, we might just take you here when you come to visit…

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