Today was a funny day, we were both feeling a little shattered and together with a phone call to the UK in the morning, our Sunday wasn’t a usual Sunday for us. By late morning it was getting pretty hot, so I took Mrs. E to Long Bay Beach which is part of Long Bay Marine Reserve, which I mentioned previously.

We had not been to this beach in the summer, and it was a corker. It is a great long beach and although there were quite a few people there, it was by no means busy. We nustled into a corner of the beach in the shade. Although it looks a little cloudy, the sun was very hot. Fortunately, I had my kiwi hat to protect me (it was definitely a flaps down day), and we both put on lashings of sun cream.

Lots of people were also on the grassy strip by the beach, huddled around barbecues. We had a little potter around after our time on the beach, and saw the Vaughan Historic Homestead (the farmer’s house, when the reserve was a farm back in the 1800’s).

I took LOADS of photos, but for some reason most of them came out blurred (yup, likely user error), but here is a taster of what it looked like.

It was a hot, lovely, summer’s day.


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