Yup, this has to be my most imaginative blog posting so far…

The main purpose of this blog is to give friends and family a taster of our life in NZ so they don’t feel left out. So that includes EVERYTHING. Even the 60 minutes or so I had to kill before my work Christmas bash. Mrs. E couldn’t make it, so after dropping me off at the ferry terminal at Devonport I had literally about 60 minutes to get the ferry and travel across the harbour to the restaurant where our work bash was.

The journey from Devonport by boat to the ferry terminal in downtown Auckland is not long, so I had a bit of time to wander around the buzzing restaurant and bar area at the viaduct, by the harbourside.

p.s. To protect their identity, I couldn’t take any pics of work colleagues. Instead, you have picture of me with my roast snapper dish, as well as my whitebait fritter, which is a lot tastier than it sounds.

p.p.s. I have had a blogging break, but I’m now back on it, and I have a backlog of posts to add, so watch this <<              >> <——–(space)

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p.p.s. I’m thinking of saving up for a ”fancy” camera, as I’m beginning to enjoy taking photos. I’m not sure what to get, something reasonably priced but good enough for a complete novice like myself to produce some considered shots. Thoughts anyone?