Yup, so I am REALLY behind on my blog posts, but I am catching up…

As mentioned in an earlier blog post, we had no plans for Christmas Day initially, but lots of kind folk invited us over. In the end, we had breakfast with Ruth and James Jit, and lunch with the Benecke family (and thank you Heather and John for your warm invite). It was a truly lovely day. The weather was grim (actually it wasn’t, it’s just the sun was not shining. It was still lovely and warm, and folk were swimming in the sea).

We had breakfast with Ruth and James and we were full at that point (thank you Ruth and James). Afterwards, we went to the Benecke’s where we had a feast (The Spaniel too). We also played Monopoly, I was winning (for the first time ever), but Douglas caught me out with a smart move (I’m not surprised he is going to study Psychology at university – he’s a smart cookie  REALLY smart cookie).

Today we met Ruth’s daughter and son-in-law (lovely folk), and Ruth’s daughter mentioned that people who move to New Zealand often get adopted by Kiwi families. From our experience, this is true. We have been adopted by the Jit’s and the Benecke’s, and we are truly thankful.  We are moving to the South Island soon, and although I was a big driver in this, I will be sad to leave our lovely adopted families. On the plus side, we’re not going that far, and we will be doing everything we can to entice them to “‘The Mainland”.

The Benecke’s and the Jit’s – THANK YOU SO MUCH.

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