During my week off work the other week, we visited Cromwell.

Cromwell, is about an hour’s drive south from where we live. NZ-wise, that is literally next door! Originally a gold town, Cromwell later became an extensive farming and stone fruit growing area, which it remains to this day.

The township is located on the shores of Lake Dunstan, which increased in size when the Clyde Dam was built. About one-third of the old town had to be rebuilt on higher ground when the lake size increased; this area is now called the historic town centre, which contains old Victorian buildings, including a bakery, avillage store etc. It was good to see a bit of history, which we hadn’t seen for a while (there are very few old buildings in Hawea and Wanaka, that I know of).

Before we left, a friend said we must take pictures of the giant fruit??? Wondering what they meant, we soon found out when we drove out of Cromwell heading home – there on the roadside are some MASSIVE fruit (not real, though aye?). I reckon some tourists come here, take a picture of themselves with the fruit and then leave – not even venturing into Cromwell. In fact, we saw some backpackers do pretty much that.

We stopped off at a fruit warehouse, which sold fruit from it’s orchards. I bought a big box of yellow plums and they were delicious.

We will definitely go back, and get some delicious fruit, oh, and there are vineyards…

Let’s play a game, spot the GIANT fruit in the pics below…

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