When we arrived in Hawea at the end of February, it was blazing hot. The New Zealand sun is pretty hardcore with very high UV rates. It can be energy zapping and you can burn in minutes if you don’t put sun block on, even on a cloudy day. So, that was high summer…

A few weeks ago, we turned into Autumn, and we started to get some cold air at night, which was a refreshing change. And then, as if God just flicked a switch, we got snow! It started off with snow at 1200 metres, then 1000 metres, and then on Thursday morning it dropped all the way down to 400 metres! I was sat at my desk working early (6 am – I know…), and when the sun started to rise I opened the curtains to my office window and saw the snow covering Mt. Maude. When I saw this, I ran excitedly like a little kid through to Mrs. E, dragged her out of bed and we saw the snow, like a thick layer of white icing dripping off a Christmas pudding, on all the mountain ranges. It felt like Christmas!

So, erm, yes, we are VERY excited about the snow – y’know that butterlies-in-your-stomach feeling? We’re getting that when we look out at the completely transformed vistas, wherever we go. The arrival of snow also means it is not long until ski season. Mrs. E and I (no Spaniel) have got local ski passes for Cardrona ski field , which is just down the road. We haven’t skied before (unless you count the time I went skiing in Scotland and my “mates” put me on a Black run (hardcore, only for CRAZY people ski run), for a laugh…). Suffice to say, the prospect of going skiing at the weekend and having lessons is very exciting.

I have been a little enthusiastic in taking snow shots with my camera. Enjoy….

p.s. Mrs. E, myself and The Spaniel are heading out shortly for our weekly walk up Mt. Iron. Just to warn you.. the camera is charged, I may get trigger happy.

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