Yesterday we tootled over to Queenstown for lunch and a bit of shopping. After lunch, we fancied a brisk walk by some water and Bob’s Cove Bridle Walk alongside Queentown’s Lake Wakatipu seemed to be a good walk in terms of length at 14km.

The track itself is an old bridle track from Queenstown to Glenorchy. Kowhai, fuschia, and rata trees (and many others), feed bellbirds and tuis. There are also native pigeons. We heard the bellbirds, but I think everything else was hiding from the rain, which turned to sleet, which turned to snow! Yup, snow in Spring! It was proper fluffy flaky stuff too.

It was fffrrreezing, and as we walked alongside the roadside on the way back, we nearly hitchhiked for a lift back to our car, we were THAT COLD, but we kept on going. The walk itself is beautiful, a little knarly in parts with a few drop-offs into the lake, but definitely a walk we want to come back to.

So, thanks Bob – see you soon.

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