Two weeks ago we stayed at a friends bach in Haast, which was a brilliant, relaxing weekend. Well, mostly… As we were packing to leave, The Spaniel chopped down a blue block of “something”, because The Spaniel is a very very greedy little dog who likes to eat ANYTHING.

Haast is on the Haast-Makarora highway which has a dangerous slip on it. As a result, the road by the slip closes at 4pm. As a result, we had to hoof it along the highway, to make sure we could get home and possibly visit a vet. Needless to say, we got through the gates before the slip closed and as we got home we checked said dodgy substance with a neighbour who was pretty sure it was suspiciously like rat poison. We hoofed it off to the vets who agreed it was rat poison and said we got to him just in time before the poison was digested. The Spaniel was made to be sick and given Vitamin K tablets, and felt very sorry for herself for a few hours afterwards. However, as the sign says in the photo below, “Do not feel sorry…” for The Spaniel, she is a very very greedy little dog.


Fortunately, two week’s later, she is fine and dandy and back to her usual, mad spaniel tricks. And we are now wise, and watch out for rat poison wherever we go!


The dodgy-looking stuff The Spaniel chomped on



The Spaniel, post-vomiting at the vets…