New Zealand has very strict dog laws, which could be a problem (but we ain’t no whinging poms), so we roll with it. When we got to Seabreeze holiday park one of the first things we asked was where were we allowed to take the dog. Sailor’s Cove was the answer, some place where a sailor died in the 1840’s. Doesn’t sound inviting does it? But it was. In fact it was a haven of tranquility, a little cove with white sandy beaches buffeted by a gentle surf.

We chilled out.

We read.

We just sat.

We fished.

We swam.

We body boarded.

The Spaniel ran, and ran

The Spaniel had  surfing lesson (that didn’t go down well)

We had a picnic.

We had a little stroll.

We had fun.

We loved it.

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