Not long after we arrived in Auckland, my boss mentioned Coldplay were playing in one of the arenas in Auckland and tickets were going to be for sale. In the UK, I would have passed the opportunity by, partly because I’m not Coldplay’s biggest fan (I last bought one of their albums in 2008)¬†and also because one would have to travel a fair distance to see them. However not so in Auckland, they were playing just down the road (kind of), so we grabbed the bull by its horns and bought our tickets.

I didn’t know what to expect, the last big rock gig I went to in a stadium, was London in the year… [yikes, a while ago…]. Coldplay were awesome, your whole body rocked as the guitar and drums rattled through your body. Everyone was given a bracelet which became part of the show and glowed different colours for some of the songs, which looked like ickle lickle glow worms. Chris Martyn(?) seemed delighted to be in Auckland and really played the crowd well. Seemed like a nice bloke.

I had a brilliant boogie, and loved the fact I could sing along VERY LOUDLY and VERY UNTUNEFULLY¬†to my heart’s content. When I noticed myself doing star jumps (with different poses mid flight) when the bright white lights came on to the beat in one of the rockier numbers, I knew I was having a jolly good time. I was 18 all over again.

Mrs. E and I well and truly ROCKED IT with those Coldplay chaps…

Auckland, yup, again, you surpassed yourself

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