Fiona (Liz’s sister) and James came to stay on Boxing Day. After we picked them up at the airport, we headed to Mt. Eden as we had heard that going somewhere high after a long flight can help with jet lag.

Mt. Eden is situated about 4 kilometres (sorry, I dont’have a clue what that is, in miles) from the centre of Auckland, and maybe half an hour or so from our flat in Murray’s Bay. Mt. Eden is a dormant volcano, whose summit at 196 metres is the hightest natural point in Auckland. The crater itself is about 50 metres deep. The volcano itself erupted about 28,000 years ago… erm, dormant? Yup, I know… but let’s not think about that.

We had a lovely walk up to the top of the volcano from the car park. On the way down, we saw a field full of sheep (in the middle of the city!?), and also a marriage proposal from an old romantic (good effort. whoever you are… check out the pic below).

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If you get to Auckland, this is a trip I would highly recommend. I’ve honestly never been anywhere quite like it.