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New Zealand has very strict dog laws, which could be a problem (but we ain’t no whinging poms), so we roll with it. When we got to Seabreeze holiday park one of the first things we asked was where were we allowed to take the dog. Sailor’s Cove was the answer, some place where a sailor died in the 1840’s. Doesn’t sound inviting does it? But it was. In fact it was a haven of tranquility, a little cove with white sandy beaches buffeted by a gentle surf.

We chilled out.

We read.

We just sat.

We fished.

We swam.

We body boarded.

The Spaniel ran, and ran

The Spaniel had  surfing lesson (that didn’t go down well)

We had a picnic.

We had a little stroll.

We had fun.

We loved it.

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Back to our trip to the Coromandel (I’ve not quite finished yabbering on about it…).

We stayed at Seabreeze Holiday Park, near Hahei beach. It was a delightful little place, which used to be a dairy farm. The owners were very friendly and helpful. and they allowed dogs! (Not all kiwi campsites do…)

The night before we set off, we packed ALL of our camping stuff (knives, forks through to chilly back, ice packs, etc.) expecting a similar set up to a UK campsite, ie toilets, shower block, and cooking at your tent. However, we soon found out that kiwi campsites have EVERYTHING you need. Seebreeze has a backpacker section, together with games room, lounge, and kitchen. The kitchen had cups, plates, in fact, all of the cooking intensils one needed, and camp fridges and freezers. It was also a VERY sociable place. We met an irish couple who were travelling around New Zealand in a campervan, a sweet German girl who was travelling too, and of course we met Warwick, Shirley (and Jess) of Disney Crib fame. We loved the sociable aspect of kiwi camping, and of course the lounge kept us warm on two of the more chilly nights.

Now, the tent… we had a brand new Kathmandu tent. I had never heard of Kathmandu until I came to New Zealand (sorry Kathmandu), but they make some high-quality stuff, particularly tents (actually, so far I have just bought a tent and hat from them, both were ace, ergo I am presuming everything else they make is ace!) Our Retreat 120 Tent is an excellent leisure camping tent – it has two rooms, lots of handy pockets for storage and clips for hanging torches, and insect mesh screens etc. and so much more. It is most definitely the best tent we have ever had. Thank you Kathmandu! p.s they are not paying me to write this… we loved our little tent. The insect mesh screen came in particularly handy, Mrs. E and The Spaniel particularly appreciated that one evening when we played a board game in the tent when the midgies were abundance (we still seem to be fresh off the boat blood).  I was in the lounge protected by a dowsing of insect repellant, whereas Mrs. E and The Spaniel enjoyed the protection of the insect mesh in the bedroom. A TOP TENT.

Our first camping trip was ace, made good by a great tent and a great, sociable camp site.

Check out the pics below…

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