We don’t plan ahead very much, but in September we broke that habit and planned to get a barbecue at the start of October, when we were advised it would get warmer. This gave me a bit of time to do some research to find a good value barbecue. In the end we got one from The Warehouse, which is a budget-busting shop that sells everything you can think of in a big warehouse-like store (hence the name?). A lot of things are prohibitively expensive here (it is what it is, ie I ain’t no whinging Pom!), but it turns out barbie’s are reasonably priced. So we got a bad ass, super powered gas barbecue.

We got it on Thursday, so on Thursday night we had burgers, and on Friday night we had barbecued fish, not sure what we’re having tonight but I reckon it will be cooked on the barbie!

Anyhow, this is just a heads up for family, when you come across to visit – chances are barbecued food will feature heavily on the menu!

Everyone else, any good barbecue recipes or ideas are gratefully appreciated…