I’d better not get the two confused though, having a little jig while an earthquake was kicking off, would not probably be a good idea. Drop, Cover, Hold, is the mnemonic used to help one remember what to do in an earthquake, and is exactly what The Spaniel and I did this Wednesday 26 September as part of the New Zealand ShakeOut earthquake drill. Apparently over 1.3 million people in New Zealand participated. It was helpful for us, as coming from the northern hemisphere we really didn’t have a clue what to do in an earthquake. Run out of the house? Probably. All didn’t go swimmingly well though, The Spaniel first got her head under the table but not her butt, so I had to swivel her around, and then she assumed the correct position – good dog.

So, we all know what to do in an earthquake? Well, not quite. Not wanting to miss a good photo opportunity, I asked Mrs. E to take pictures of us, so there might be a few more practices going on in the English household. I have a whistle, I might just blow it one day and shout, ‘earthquake!’, and see what happens. Hopefully, Mrs. E and The Spaniel will dive for cover, I’ll let you know.

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