A couple of weeks ago, the weather totally changed from being wintery and wet (October is always wet apparently), to hot hot hot and dry (27 degrees centigrade). Over the past two weeks, we have had one brief rain shower, and that is it! Fortunately the wetness from October has made everything green and pretty, but as we move into Summer that will change and the green colours¬†will be replaced with coppers and browns.¬† But for now, we are enjoying the greenery…

Oh, and the lake has warmed up! I have had two swims so far Mrs. E has not been in yet, and well – The Spaniel is ALWAYS in the water. The lake (Lake Hawea), is lovely and clear although it geta deep very quickly (it’s OK mum, I don’t go out of my depth).

And as a teaser, there is a photo from Mrs. E’s new hammock (one of her birthday presents). A blog post about her birthday will follow (it was fun).

Thank you and goodnight.

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