Dancing on ice, in Auckland, in the Spring? Mad I may well be, but it’s true we did in fact go ice skating in Auckland today, courtesy of ANZ bank (thanks guys).

We drove to Devonport, and hopped on the ferry to downtown Auckland, which incidentally is one of my most favourite journeys to take in the city. It was a mild Spring day, and started to warm up when the sun came out. Our sole purpose was to have a little bit of fun, and we did…

The ice skating was free, thanks again ANZ bank…, we registered for our 3pm slot. Had some sushi for lunch, and then went back to the rink for some ice skating fun! Now, as a kid, I used to go to Lockerbie ice rink (yup, the infamous Lockerbie…), and was a fairly decent ice skater. So, I put on my skates and literally jumped onto the rink and expected to go flying – well, I did, but not in the way I anticipated. Hmph, I appear to have lost some coordination since I last went skating… Mrs. E was more sensible and gently floated around the rink. It was good good fun. There were a few belly laughs, a few laps of the rink, some more belly laughs, and then we were done!

We got an ice cream and then headed back home.

A crackin’ afternoon – thank you Auckland, thank you ANZ.

Twohoomans (not The Spaniel)


p.s. it was a proper ice rink, not one of those plastic efforts… the real McCoy!