When we first arrived in Lake Hawea, we were pretty awestruck at how vast and huge everything was – big BIG mountains, long LONG lakes. However, we then went to Queenstown, which we soon discovered was Hawea on steroids. Let me tell you all about it…

We set off from Wanaka to Cardrona, where the delightful Cardrona Hotel is situated – pretty much in the middle of nowhere, and nestled amongst the hills and mountains. We stopped and took a few brief photos and then we carried on (this was not our destination…). As we started to head up from Cardrona and over the Crown Ranges, we just knew we would be greeted with a breathtaking view when we got to the top, and we were – we were VERY high up, and as we looked south we could see Lake Wakatipu and Queenstown in the distance. From here, we headed down into Arrowtown. Now, just a warning – for the faint hearted out there (those with a nervous disposition such as myself), this is a pretty crazy, windy, drive down to the bottom – there are some very steep drops! Next stop Arrowtown.

Arrowtown is a place, that everyone you speak to who has been to, or lives in, New Zealand, will tell you to visit. I can see why, it is a delightful, old town – which was originally a gold prospecting town. Here, we had a little tootle around, admired the old buildings, and then we treated ourselves to a mid morning cream tea (scone and jam) and a cappuccino. Kiwi’s make great coffees, but the scones and cream – delightful! Next step, the might Queenstown QT!

Awesome, rad, sweet, wicked, sick – that’s what the young backpackers would be calling it, I’m sure. And me? Yup, the same. Dude – this place was on fire! We didn’t have a lot of time, so after chatting to our pal Kerry, who lives here, we decided to go on the Gondola. Our jaws literally dropped as we soared up the cable which ascended rapidly to the top of the mountain, Bob Peak. As we looked out, we could see The Remarkables (get it now?) Coronet Peak, Walter Peak, and Cecil Peak. The mountains are huge. The Remarkables alone are just over 2,300 metres high. Next stop, the luge.

We took ANOTHER lift, this time a chair lift to the top of the luge (another recommendation from Kerry, thanks Kerry), and we had great fun hoofing it down the luge track in our little luge carts. We then watched the bungee (and no, we didn’t do it – climbing, abseiling, yes – throwing yourself into the abyss and bouncing right back NO). I’m not much of an adrenaline junkie – but I was pumping watching the jumpers! Next stop town.

In town, we then had a bite to eat and had a little wander around Queenstown. We had to get back for The Spaniel, so it was a fleeting visit. But have a look at the pictures below.

QT is so much closer than we thought, about an hour over the tops, so we will definitely be back soon.

QT makes you feel good to be alive, a great pick me up if you ever needed one. Now, where has my milky tea gone? He says wrapped up in the comfort of his slanket

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