Today has been a lovely sunny and hot day. Mrs. E and I have been busy working all day so we didn’t get to enjoy it until this evening.

The Spaniel and I headed down to the beach to watch the swimmers, skim boarders, kids jumping off the wharf, and to generally just sit on the sandy beach, mesmerised by the churning deep blue sea. Actually, I sat and The Spaniel dug holes…

A young chap came over to me and asked what type of dog The Spaniel was. I explained, and he replied, ‘Well, she is a very good looking dog sir!”. Between you and me (and the deep blue sea…) I think this gave The Spaniel an extra spring in her step.

Just before sunset, Mrs. E joined us for one more trip to the beach. The Spaniel had another swim, and then we all came home.

The Spaniel is well and truly pooped.

Me too…

Goodnight All