This evening Mrs. E was out and about, and after lots of dithering I pulled out of going mountain biking and decided to go for a gentle stroll along the beach from Murrays Bay to Maraingi Bay (I am nearly officially an old man after all…). At Maraingi Bay, there were three lads larking about on wake/shore/surf – boards? Whatever it is called, it looked like they were having loads of fun, and it made me smile just watching them having a great time. The Rangitoto sunset in the background added to the ambience of a chilled out evening by the beach.

SO… answers on a postcard please. What exactly were these dudes doing? Seriously, I want to know… 🙂

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UPDATE: I have been kindly informed, that this is called skim-boarding, and it is harder than it looks apparently (and it looks very hard!)