The other week a group of us from our running group heading out for a 12K run along the Rob Roy Glacier track.

We drove down the Matukituki Valley, which is an adventure in itself with its fjords, creeks, and windy and rubbly roads, and finally an hour later, parked up at Raspberry Creek car park.

From the car park, we ran alongside the Matukituki river, and then across a swing bridge onto the main track, which passes through a small gorge and then winds up through  a beech forest, which transitions into more alpine vegetation. At the top of the valley, the glacier can be seen in all its glory. In fact it is SO big it casts a dark shadow across the valley floor. The sounds of the furious river, the bellbirds singing, the smell of rain on damp moss, and so much more stopped us from feeling the pain of what was essentially a 6K run up a hill!

One of the most beautiful runs I have ever been on. I shall be heading back with Mrs. E  – I know she will love it.


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