Sunday 25th March

Today we went to our friends’ daughters’ church in Red Beach, for those of you who know us well, you will know our church family is important to us. We had a great time, and our friends daughter invited us for Sunday Lunch next week. After first checking our hectic social diaries, we realised that we could squeeze it in… bingo, our second social engagement!

After church, we drove Northwards from Red Beach to Orewa which is 38 km North of Auckland. On the beach we saw loads of kids, grouped into age groups, who were in swimming and paddling races (see below), this was our first impression of the Kiwi sporting culture.








Liz had a brief paddle…








After leaving Orewa we headed Northwards still, to Waiwera, where we went for a paddle in true Brit style (once more…)
























We also checked out the Waiwera Thermal Resort, which boasts 19 pools, including a movie pool. All of the pools are sourced by hot spring water from 1500m underground. Given it was a baking hot day, we chose not to go in, but to save it for another day. I did chuckle, as I saw these pools on the TV show, Wanted Down Under, never ever thinking we would be there… and here we are!

Just North of Waiwera, we briefly checked out Wederholme Regional Park, which has a diverse ecology, abundant bird life, beaches and an estuary, with lots of lovely walks. We just had a brief potter here, again, something to come back to. Liz hid in these trees, I need a wildlife book of NZ to identify them, and will do eventually… if anyone knows the name of these trees, please do comment.








For supper, we cooked green-lipped mussels, which are as cheap as chips over here. They were delicious, so if you come to visit us do expect this for supper one evening!

TODAY, was a GOOD GOOD KIWI-tastic Day.