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Monday 26th March

Auckland is situated in a narrow neck of land between the Tasman Sea on the West and South Pacific Ocean on the East both with a drive of about 45 minutes between the two as a result you are spoilt for choice when it comes to beaches. As we had already seen the beaches of the East Coast Bays (see earlier post), we decided to Go West (cue The Petshop Boys anthemic toon).

We drove West from Coatesville from where we are staying, to the windswept rugged coastline of Muriwai Beach. We were informed that we could see Australia from here, which if we’re both honest… we believed for a brief moment (I am particularly gullible, Liz less so…).

As we walked across the sandy dunes from the car park, we heard the sea before we saw it, and these are the views that greeted us from the top of the dunes.








We were quite high up and the sea quite a distance away, but the thunder of the sea pounding against the sand gave us a sense of sense of how powerful the ocean is. These waves were big. You can also see a haze in the far distance where spray from the sea created a mist (see the pic in the slide show at the top, I’m still getting used to WordPress).

Not surprisingly swimming was not advised, I guess this was due to the size of the waves and also due to dangerous rip tides which can pull you out to sea in seconds. Someone warned us about them just yesterday, and how lots of people are killed each summer. I’m glad to say, I left my swimming trunks behind, so were not involved in any swimming drama on this occasion…

I did however, wear shorts and the contrast of my white legs against the white sand shows up quite nicely. The sand was lovely and soft like any other sand.