According to the Lonely Planet travel guide, Hot Water Beach is in the Top 10 beaches to visit in the world. We didn’t know that when we decided to have a look during the second day of our long weekend in the Coromandel, we just thought it sounded interesting…

We walked from a beach further up the peninsula, and as we walked round the corner towards Hot Water Beach were greeted by the funniest sight – a herd of stranded walruses! Well, that’s what it looked like, lots of belly up hoomans, bathing in warm self-made spa pools.

For those of you who are not familiar, for one hour either side of low tide, you can dig in the sand for hot spring water and make your own spa pool. However, you need to watch out as some bits are scalding hot! For a bit of fun and perhaps to warm up on a cold winters day, I would highly recommed doing this. It’s a one off life experience, for sure.

Check out the pics below:

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