We live at the bottom end of Lake Hawea, which is incredibly long – 35 km to be exact.

The views down the east side of the lake are fantastic, so we decided to run along the track along the east side from Hawea (St John’s Creek to be exact) to the start of Dingle Burn Station further down the lake. Mrs. E was my coach for the day and rode ahead on her bike, whilst keeping me motivated through the 16-kilometre run and shouting out each kilometre. The Spaniel also kept me motivated, and given she was attached to me via the lead, she kindly led me up some pretty steep hills round Timaru Creek.

Sixteen kilometres flew by against the dramatic scenery, with snow-capped mountains dominating the skyline against the clear blue skies. We even had a few spectators along the way (sheep, lambs, cows and calves).

As I am aiming to do a marathon in February (if I don’t injure myself along the way), this route seems a good way of covering the distance, gradually adding on the mileage and slowly nudging further and further down the lake.

Today I am grateful for where we live, and super-fit spaniels…

As ever, enjoy the photos.

Map of Hawea

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